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Hi, i will try out the tool by tomorrow and i wanted to make sure that this is made for that kind of stuff.

i am trying to have a online matchmaking system where you can create a game for puplic, look for a random game in puplic to connect and create a invite only game with invite to share and join.

i want to have one host and one client for a 1v1 game.

i wanna know, is that possible and if yes, how?

edit: im asking because i know almoat nothing about that.

Hi Dari! It should work fine for 1v1 games. However, I do not recommend (for now) that you use the library for "serious" projects, because it is in "beta" phase.

ok thanks for the info

Does this work in HTML5?

Hi Stepford. Yes, it should work (client-side only). It uses the default GameMaker sockets system.  You need to export the Server in a different platform (like linux or windows), but the client should work fine. Also, it allows you to replace the standard gamemaker sockets engine with another (in your case, would be great).

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Hi! This extension looks very interesting! I'm looking forward for new updates! A better wiki would be really useful!

Thank you very much! I will upload some updates soon!