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Auto-magic Networking System 

Open-Source Networking System for Game Maker Studio +2.3


  • Auto-magic synchronization between objectsThere is no longer a need to invent new protocols or mess up your code.
  • Smooth synchronizationLatency is hidden by using a smooth value assignment algorithm.
  • Security layerYou can add server-side validations to prevent cheating.
  • Independent of the network engineYou can use a base class to implement your preferred network engine. For my own project I used Http2 sockets!
  • Easy to useYou don't need to know how to handle sockets or buffers.

More features...

  • Simple messages systemSend an receive custom objects (like Socket.io), recommended for advanced developers.
  • Global variables synchronization.
  • Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)You can call instance functions, regardless of where they are on the network.


Class Diagram


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Hi! This extension looks very interesting! I'm looking forward for new updates! A better wiki would be really useful!

Thank you very much! I will upload some updates soon!